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Best Western Golden Sails Hotel
Golf & Conference Center

Our mission is to provide the best per diem value to our customers while they are traveling on temporary duty. Here are what our customers say about us.
Loren M. Reno
Major General
AMC, Director of Logistics
Randall P. Bancroft
Major, CA ANG 146th Airlift Control Flight/Commander
W. Ricky Stiff
Director, Office of Excise Taxes Internal Revenue Service
Jeffery J. Norton
Director, Launch Program USAF, Space & Missile Systems Center
Alan T. Shinseki
Manager, Systems & Equipment FAA Certification Service
Bobby O. Floyd
Director, Brig. General USAF, Air Mobility Command
L. Hashemi
Administrator, Ph.D. United States Coast Guard
Adol H.C. Valadez
Director,  Acquisition USAF, Air Logistics Center
Nathan Clayton
Program Coordinator VA Medical Education Center
James H. Hocker
GS -12, Project Officer USAF, Space & Missile Systems
James O. Reinhart
Commander, Crane Division PAT-6 Naval Surface Warfare Center
Patrick W. Huested
Captain, C-17 Program USAF, Defense Contract Management Command
Roberto Diaz
Captain, Financial Manager USAF, Patrick AFB, Space & Missile Systems
H.E. Munson
Director, Acquisition USAF, Los Angeles AFB, Space & Missile Systems

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